For any real estate agent, selling property to clients is not the only thing to worry about. A successful agent must be able to interest new clients in his estate.

They do so by capturing and motivating leads. Generating leads is just as important a skill as selling property.

You might wonder why that is?

I would answer that with a rhetorical question- What good is the art of selling a property if you have no one to sell it to?

In the past, the marketing of any product was entirely manual. It required human-to-human interaction. The same was the case for the real estate business.

Agents would go around town with flyers in their hands. They would raise posters and banners throughout the city for marketing purposes. Agents would even go to houses just to hand over a pamphlet.

Can they still do it like old times?

Absolutely not! You are well aware of how social media has overtaken every part of our lives. Even out in public, every person has their head in their smartphones.

Especially now that home delivery is at the touch of a finger. People hardly ever visit their nearest supermarket.

How Real Estate Facebook Advertising Could Help You?

Real Estate Facebook Advertising

Let me tell you that Facebook advertising is THE FUTURE of real estate marketing. You no longer need to waste time and effort on old-fashioned methods of marketing.

You can grab hundreds and thousands of leads while relaxing in your favorite chair at home.

As I have told you earlier, the average person spends at least an hour of their daily time on Facebook. This gives you a great opportunity to get them interested in your estate.

Use the trends of modern society to the best of your advantage. Use your saved time to further improve your business. All you need to do is- read till the end of this article!

Why Real Estate Facebook Advertising?

You might be wondering why Facebook?

Why not use some other social media app? After all, Facebook is already used for thousands of campaigns. Shouldn’t you think out of the box? Shouldn’t you go for some other social media app with millions of users? This is due to several reasons.

First of all, Facebook is a well-built social network. Social media sites like Instagram and Snapchat are media-sharing networks.

This means that most of their users visit those sites for entertainment purposes. So, any ad or campaign you launch might not have any significant effect.

However, this is not the case for Facebook. The audience of Facebook has a great variety. While many of its users come here for entertainment, a heavy portion also comes for news and ads.

This is just the right environment for your purposes. All you need to do is successfully publish your Real Estate Facebook Ads. No doubt your leads would increase.

Another reason for using Facebook is the average age of the target audience. With Facebook, it is higher than any other social media site.

For you, as a real estate agent, this is very good news. A higher average age means that there is a greater chance of finding your leads.

Why is that?

Simple. An adult male around 40 years of age is more likely to buy a house than a youngster. The average user age on sites like Snapchat and TikTok is around 20 yrs old. This would greatly reduce the number of leads you might grab from those sites.

There is one more reason for choosing Facebook. It has a unique advertising style having many different layouts. You can change your layouts to target a specific audience. You can easily make your real estate ads visually interesting.

Facebook is also easy to use for any kind of audience. What’s more, is that you can easily select your target audience from a wide range of options.

We shall study this in the upcoming section. Not to mention that Facebook allows your leads to approach you easily. This further enhances your chances of grabbing a lead.

Real Estate Facebook Advertising for Beginners:

Using Real Estate Facebook Ads to increase your leads might not be an easy task. This is even more difficult when you are still in your learning stage.

But don’t worry because we’ve got you covered. However, first, we shall discuss the basics of ad structure on Facebook.

On Facebook, each ad campaign has three parts. These are ad campaigns, ad sets, and ads. But before we go into that, let me tell you what you need to do first.

Things To Do Before Making a Real Estate Facebook Ad:

Here we have a list of a few things that you should do before making real estate Facebook ads. These steps can provide viable if you want to make your ads successful. 

1- Make a Business Account on Facebook:

This is a very important step. Having a business page has many advantages. It not only improves your credibility but also gives your brand a professional look.

It also allows you access to many other features for your successful Real Estate ads.

2- Study Your Target Leads:
Target Leads

Before you can begin your campaign, you need to know which audience you will be targeting. You can do this using both online and offline methods.

Create a mental picture of how your campaign affects different people differently.

3- Develop an Audience List:

Make a list of your potential leads. Surf through the social media site. Notice the people showing interest in real estate ads.

Add them to your list. This will improve the number of leads you gain once you begin targeting your audience.

4- Know Where to Place Your Ads:

You should know that there are different kinds of ads on Facebook. Some ads appear on the right of your screen. Others appear in the center of your page.

Study the effects of different ad placements for your real estate Facebook ads.

5- Set a Budget for Your Ads Campaign:

This is an important part of any business. You need to know how much you are willing to spend on promotion. You need it to be enough to boost your lead generation.

At the same time, it should not exceed a certain limit to cut down your profits.

How to Create Perfect Ads?

Now that you are fully prepared to make an Ad, let’s head into the creation process.

Here are a few things you need to do in this regard.

1- Designing the Structure of Your Ad:

Every Ad has a specific design. However, there are a few things that are common to most Ads. These include

-the title of your Ad

-the main headline

-the content of your ad

-a button for leads to approach you

-and an eye-catching image that will appeal to your target audience.

Develop the structure of your real estate Facebook Ads using your creativity. Look up the internet for ways to make it effective. Make it unique so that it stands out.

2- Going to Ad Creating Option:
Ad Creating

According to my knowledge, Facebook has an option for the creation of new ads. That is not hard to find. All you need to do is click on the arrow in the top right corner.

There you will see your option.

3- Setting Up Your Ad Campaign:

Ad campaign describes the purpose of your Ad. What is the reason for creating a Real Estate Facebook Ad? Do you need to promote a page?

Or do you wish to increase the lead conversion on your website? You will see many different options. Choose the best one and then carry on with the process.

4- Creating an Account for Your Ad:

Once you have created your Ad campaign, keep following the steps. Fill in the information to create an Ad account.

5- Creating Your Ad Set:

This step involves the targeting of your audience. Enter information on what kind of audience do you want to approach with your Ad.

Since you have already studied your target leads, this step will be very easy. Also, use the audience list you have already developed. This will increase the number of leads you approach.

6- Adding Media:

In this step, you can add images and videos for your Real Estate Facebook Ad. Have the best images/video prepared?

I shall tell you later in this article what type of images and videos to use. Once you have uploaded them, your ad is almost ready.

7- Customization:

Set the title and headline of your real estate ad as I have described earlier. Select the place you have already decided for your Ad to appear on the screen.

Now, your Ad is ready. However, there is one last step before you can post it.

8- Preview:

In this step, you will see how choosing different places for your ad affects the way it looks. Choosing the right place will greatly increase its impact.

Thus, your Real Estate Facebook Ad will be more effective.

Once you have completed all the mentioned steps, you can publish your Ad. Review your Ad one last time and make the necessary amendments. After that, click on the button to complete your order.

Keeping Track of Real Estate Facebook Ads:

Facebook provides you the option to monitor the success of your real estate ad. Use the option of conversion tracking to see the effect of your ad on lead generation. After all, monitoring your stats proves to be very helpful.

If your real estate ads are not grabbing your leads, keep changing your tactics. See what improves your lead generation. It is all a process of trial and error.

Now, you might be worried that the testing process alone would cost you a lot of money, right?


As I have stated earlier we shall cover all the tips and tricks of successful real estate Facebook ads. This means that you no longer need to waste time and money on test runs for your campaigns. Just keep on reading this article till the end!

Types of Real Estate Facebook Ads to Create:

Before we get into the tips and tricks portion of this article, just bear with me a little. This information is just as important for your Real Estate Facebook Ads. You need to be clear on what type of real estate ads to create.

First, you need to know all about your target audience. By having that information, you can answer any ambiguities they might have.

Does your Ad provide answers to their problems?

Does it develop their interest in your property?

Do they approach you after viewing your Real Estate Ad?

Does your Ad provide an answer to these questions? If yes, then that is the Ad you are going for.

 Types of Real Estate Facebook Ads to Avoid:

Real Estate Facebook Ads to Avoid

You might know by now what kind of Ad you want. However, you must also know what kind of Real Estate Facebook Ads to avoid.

If you don’t know that, you might do something risky. Something that will put off your target audience.

Make sure that your Ads do not include any violation of Facebook policies. If that is the case, Facebook will immediately take off your Ad. Not to mention your money will go to waste.

Your Ad must not include any sensitive content. Anything that shows animal endangerment, child abuse, violence, etc is a no-go.

Make sure your Ad is not dull. There is a lot of competition. You need to make sure that your Ad stands out.

There are many other things that you should keep in mind. In the upcoming section, I shall explain all the tips and tricks. Use them to create a successful Real Estate Facebook Ad.

11 Real Estate Facebook Ads Tips:

Now, you know all about Real Estate Facebook Ads. Let us move to the important part. I shall be telling you all the tips and tricks you may utilize to make your marketing successful.

Using these methods, you can improve your lead generation drastically. Not to mention, you will save a ton of money and of course, your precious time.

Remember, these methods might not be foolproof. However, you can rest assured. They will be a significant improvement to what you are doing now.

Given below are 8 simple and yet effective methods. Use them to make your Real Estate Facebook Ads successful.

1- Work on Your Target Audience Choices:
Target Audience

Facebook advertising comes with a wide range of targeting options for you. Target a specific audience. Your real estate ads will only appear to those individuals.

This will greatly improve the efficiency with which your campaign is working.

By displaying your ads to a select target audience, you are saving a lot of money. This is especially true for today’s age when Facebook Ads are NOT CHEAP.

Here are a few methods to narrow down your target audience:

2- Use Videos to Enhance Your Real Estate Facebook Ads:

While the use of videos might not be appealing to real estate agents, it is effective. According to research, marketing that utilizes videos is way ahead of those without.

You might think why-

Here are a few reasons. Videos provide THE BEST VIRTUAL EXPERIENCE. Videos can capture what photos can not. You can always professionally take photos.

However, this does not change the fact that people can easily tamper with them to enhance quality.

This makes most people skeptical towards a picture. Meanwhile, a video tour guide would make the source much more trustworthy. Humans are emotional beings who live by interacting with each other.

While a video may not provide actual human contact, it is still far superior to an image of a random house. Also, photos can be deceiving. Furthermore, they are not able to capture a true representation of what your property is like.

Contrarily, videos would develop a much better picture in viewers’ minds. Also, a friendly smile on the face of the tour guide will get people interested. It has another advantage. Now with 360-degree videos, people can truly learn what to expect.

3- Use Carousel Ads to Display Your Property:

Carousel Ad is another feature on Facebook. It allows you to display multiple properties at the same time. Not to mention, now you can upload pictures AND videos.

So, this feature might generate more leads as it gives your audience a choice.

4- Make Use of Ad Copy:
Ad copy

Ad Copy is a marketing skill that brings in more responses. Using this, you can interact with your leads effectively.

Normally, any businessman would spend hours trying to convince their clients. However, there is no need for that once you are using Ad copy.

Ad copy allows you to give an insight into your property to a customer. You can do this by explaining each and everything in the form of a report. Every possible ambiguity that a client might have. It is all explained in the Ad Copy.

Furthermore, you explain all the pros and cons of your property. This builds the trust of the client towards you.

The customer has the right to know what he is getting himself into. Tell in detail the prices, features, location, etc of your real estate property.

Just like Ad Copy, there is one even more effective way of approaching your leads. Exactly- it is through VIDEO COPY! Make use of your effective communication skills.

Walk up to the camera and record yourself. Confidently explain everything your customer needs to know.

5- Be Mindful of When You Spend Your Money:

Just like everything else, the real estate business is also a roller coaster ride. The businesses go up and down at different times of the year. This means that you need to be careful when to spend money on your Real Estate Facebook Ads.

Research shows that Real Estate Facebook Ads earn more leads at specific times of the year. This is usually in March and April when people start looking for properties. However, these stats change considerably depending on climate and geographical demands.

If you spend money on ads when properties are not in demand, you are only wasting your money. However, this does not mean that you should do nothing at those times.

So what should you do?

You should keep surfing the web. Try to find potential leads for your investment. When the real estate business goes back up, make use of your listings. Spend Ad money on the people you have singled out earlier.

6- Get Some Reviews From Satisfied Customers:

It is only natural that people are skeptical of others on the internet. This is especially true nowadays. This is because there are many cases of cyberfraud and scams occurring daily.

However, if you have some real comments this will convert more leads. You need to show that people have done business with you before. You need to prove your reliability. And most importantly, your work has satisfied your clients.

But how do you get positive reviews?

Now that is up to you. You are running a real estate business after all. Show your impressive selling skills once you get a client. After you have made sure of their satisfaction, ask them to write a positive review on your site.

However, try to get reviews in the comment section below your real estate ad. Since that way, people would already have a better impression of you before they approach you.

Once you have a few positive reviews, your credibility would go through the roof. After that, you can incorporate these reviews into your portfolio.

There would be many ways to do that. But for a real estate agent, what’s a better impression than an Ad copy.

7- Be Creative with Your Designs:
Creative with Your Designs

For your Real Estate Facebook Ad, creativity means everything. You need to develop your real estate ad in such a way that it stands out in a large audience.

Not to mention there is tough competition in your field of business. You need to make sure that your Ads grab more attention than others.

How can you do this?

There are several ways to ensure that your real estate ad grabs the attention of a large audience. However, a few of these would be

-Make your pictures visually appealing.

-The cover picture of your real estate ad should be on point.

–Ensure the high quality of your visuals.

-As stated earlier, make use of videos.

-Try to keep your pictures organic.

Once you have taken care of all these things, your leads will increase. Remember, visuals of your Real Estate Facebook Ads make the first impression. If your first impression appeals to your leads, you have a better chance of success.

8- Make Sure You Don’t Overspend:

Spending a greater amount on your Real Estate Facebook Ads will bring in more leads. However, this does not imply that you keep spending money in bulk.

If anything, it will only cut your profits and leave you in a worse state than ever before.

So how much money do you spend on your real estate ads?

Make sure that initially, you do not go overboard. Keep the range to a minimum of 10-15$ on an hourly basis. Once you have started getting more leads, gradually increase your budget.

But it should still be within range so you can maximize your profits.

9- Nurture Your Leads:
Nurture Your Leads

Nurturing a lead is the process of converting them. This means making sure that your leads contact you once they are ready to buy a property.

You can do this through emailing and keeping a regular check on them. However, you may also use a good lead management system.

10- Keep Things Under Control Through Regular Evaluation:

Using features like Facebook Pixel, you can see your lead generation stats. You can also do this using Facebook Ads Manager. See for yourself how your Real Estate Facebook Ads have boosted your leads.

However, this may not always be the case. Sometimes your real estate ads might not generate enough leads.

What to do then?

You should not lose hope. This does not essentially mean that your Ad campaign has failed. First, you need to test your Real Estate Facebook Ad for at least 2-3 days. If it is not providing results even after a week, then that might be a problem.

But don’t worry! Here’s what you need to do. Change a few characteristics of your Real Estate Facebook Ad. Test it again.

If it provides you with good results, then that’s fair enough. However, if you still don’t get the required output, repeat the process.

Eventually, your Real Estate Facebook Ad will be almost perfect. This method of testing requires some time. However, it will save you thousands of dollars you would normally spend on your campaigns.

11- Keep the Cost of Your Real Estate Facebook Ads in Mind:
Real Estate Facebook Ads in Mind

The use of real estate ads generated much more leads a couple of years ago. However, this has dropped now that the cost-per-click of ads has gone up. Also, now there are more investors in Real Estate Facebook Ads.

This means that the number of clicks each advertiser receives has decreased. And with costlier ads, the Return On Investment (ROI) has also decreased.

So should you stop investing in Real Estate Facebook Ads?


All you need to do is change the ways you promote your business. Here are some tips. If you need to generate more leads for a low price in 2021, just follow these simple steps:

Successful Real Estate Facebook Ads Examples:

Real Estate Facebook Ads Examples

Here we have collected some useful and successful Facebook ads examples that can help you grow your business exponentially. 

1- Holley Real Estate:
Holley Real Estate

This company has made use of DRONES for VIDEOS. They upload these videos in their Real Estate Facebook Ads. Showing property like this brings in a lot of leads for them.

As already explained earlier, the use of videos attracts a larger audience. Their drone videos showcase and highlight every inch of their house.

Not to mention it gives a dramatic feel. Thus it further attracts their audience. Also, the use of drones makes their Ads high quality.

2- QuintoAndar:

This real estate company utilizes the feature of RETARGETING. They target the leads that are already interested in their listings.

Then, they show the same properties to their targets in the form of an Ad. In this way, they have greatly improved their lead generation.

3- Daft:

This company in the UK has successfully managed the use of CAROUSEL ADS. They use this feature for their Real Estate Facebook Ads.

In this way, they can show multiple properties at the same time. This interests an audience of greater variety.

Also, they show different parts of a house within the same Ad. This further improves their credibility and their audience truly knows what to expect.

4- John and Melissa Steele:
John and Melissa Steele

These real estate managers use VIDEOS for marketing. This involves a live tour of the house on Facebook. This can be used as a live Ad. They increase the trust your viewers have in your real estate company.

Facebook has the feature of a live video. So viewers can ask whatever questions they like when they are getting a tour.

5- JSP Realtors:
JSP Realtors

This real estate company improves its credibility through CUSTOMER REVIEWS. This boosts their name and brings in a lot of leads.

People trust other people more than they trust the internet. They have used the testimonials of their satisfied customers. Thus, JSP Realtors have greatly enhanced their credibility. These Ads also provide good proof of a closed deal.

So, you have seen how different methods have boosted different real estate methods. All you need to do is use incorporate them into your Real Estate Facebook Ads. No doubt, they will greatly enhance your lead generation.

Wrapping It All Up!

In this article, I first explained what is a Real Estate Facebook Ad. It is a method of generating leads through the use of social media. It gives a boost to the number of customers you have.

After that, I told you the advantage of using Facebook. Facebook is a social network that incorporates many different types of audiences. Most of its users are old enough to buy a property. Not to mention, it has many features that may greatly benefit your marketing process.

I also briefly explained the dos and don’ts of Ad making. The types of Ads you should go for and the ones you should avoid.

We have also discussed everything on how to make your Real Estate Facebook Ad successful. We have covered these points

Determining your target audience.

-Making your Real Estate Facebook Ads appealing to your leads.

-Knowing when and where to spend money.

-Improving your profile.

-Getting new leads and converting them.

-Keeping a check on your progress and profits.

-Minimizing your costs to obtain the best results possible.

In the end, I gave you a few examples of Real Estate Facebook Ads. The mentioned dealers have managed to greatly enhance their marketing. All they have done is follow the steps I have already mentioned.

Do you wish to boost your business as well?

Just keep the examples in mind and follow the mentioned steps. Your leads will be greatly enhanced. Consequently, your real estate business will improve.

Best of Luck!!

Real Estate Facebook Advertising for Beginners

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